JARNI is a manufacturing company engaged in the manufacture and installation of modular houses
We build well-designed, technically ready houses 40-50% faster and 20-40% cheaper than conventional housing.

We do this by manufacturing modules in our production off-site, up to toilet paper holders. Then we send the modules to the site and assemble them on site.

We believe that modular building technologies will develop at a rapid pace, and we are very pleased to be at the forefront of this industry in Belarus.

At the beginning of 2023, we have built more than 40 different facilities, including houses and baths.

Our production occupies a workshop area of 600 m2. At the same time we can assemble 150m2 modules. The production capacity is 1750 m2 per year. The maximum size of one DSHV module is 12000x3700x3500 mm

We are interested in construction:
- Single-family houses
- Apartment buildings
- Blockaded houses (Townhouses)
- Recreation centers consisting of several modular houses
- Modular mini-hotels
- Modular offices

We have experience in exporting our houses to the EU and the Russian Federation
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